Becky (becky_h) wrote in high_deryni,

Proceeding cautiously here, I would like to ask if anyone has access to a resource stating Katherin's policy on fanfiction? The best I've been able to find states that she was advised simply... Well:

This occurrence has had two effects. It has brought fan fiction abruptly into a more serious arena, and it led directly to the refusal of authors to allow fan fiction. Anne MacCaffrey 20 and Katherine Kurtz 21 have both been advised by their agents never to read any fan fiction, nor even to look at the relevant fan groups on Usenet. This gives them the defence of never having seen the fan fiction, and so any similarities can be dealt with as cases of simultaneous copyright.

Which really amounts to don't ask, don't tell. Is there something either more current or specific I'm unaware of? Inspite of my defense of slash in general I really don't want to go blundering like a bull in a china shop with deryni_fic - the literal fiction OR the community.
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