Whit Johnstone (mylifemyfaith) wrote in high_deryni,
Whit Johnstone

Hello Everyone

I thought about whether to join this group with my fanfic journal or my IRL/Theology journal, and in the end decided to join with both but post, at least this time, as myself rather then my fanficing alter-ego.

I'm 25 years old, and am a Methodist seminarian. I read the St. Camber trilogy while I was an undergraduate considering a vocation to the ministry. I read the Kelson series- up to "King's Justice" last year about this time, as I was coming to terms with my sexuality and pondering giving up my ministerial vocation. The courage of Father Joram and Bishop Dennis Arailian gave me the strength to keep my vocation, and advocate for a more inclusive Church. Indeed, it's hard NOT to see the parallels between Deryni and LGBTs today, to me. I find that many others think so as well.

I was a bit concerned about KK's portrayal of homosexuality in In The King's Service, but this chat log seems to show that KK is in fact explicitly pro-gay, just a bit incautious about how her writing could be taken.

Anyway, what do you all think.

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