Angelica (lilithschilde) wrote in high_deryni,

Venture in Vain

I just had to share that today I received in the mail a copy of Venture in Vain, which until recently I hadn't even heard of. Deryni Realms has this info on it: A signed, limited edition (300 copies) written for Katherine Kurtz's visit to the John M. Pfau Library at California State Univeristy, San Bernardino. The story details, from the Mearan point of view, King Donal Blaine's invasion into Meara in the year 1089 and its consequences.

I haven't finished reading it yet, but I'm really excited! It's interesting to see history from a different point of view.

Anyone else own/read this?

  • A movie? An audio book?

    Lots to get excited about. Time for a re-read before it all happens.

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