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Hi, I'm new.

I joined recently and figured I should introduce myself. I'm a huge Deryni fan. I've read all of the books numerous times and I have Deryni Magic and the Codex which I read from cover to cover. I'm fascinated with medieval society and I also have an interest in genealogy so I found the Codex especially interesting and it was amazing the amount of detail she put into every entry.

I'm excited about the movie, although I'm looking forward more to the next "Childe Morgan" book whenever it might come out or a sequel to "King Kelson's Bride". But if the movie gets made and does well, then I assume they'll do the whole first trilogy which would be great. The Chronicles are one of my favorite of the series and I think they'll adapt well to film. Plus, Warin de Gray is one of my favorite characters so it'll be interesting to see him if the second and third movies get made along with all of the other great characters, of course.

I look forward to any further additions to the Deryni universe. Katherine Kurtz's other books are great too but the Deryni series is still my favorite and perhaps with the movie, it will be introduced to more people.

  • A movie? An audio book?

    Lots to get excited about. Time for a re-read before it all happens.

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