Dragon*Con, anyone?

Anyone else except elegaer and I going to Dragon*Con this year? Katherine Kurtz is going to be a guest and I'm very excited to see what she's up to lately. Scott MacMillan will also be there.

Any questions you'd like to ask her if you had a chance? I'll do my best to get the courage to ask them, or maybe elegaer can if I can't find my voice.

I'll try to make a full report when I get home on anything interesting that came up.


Привет всем!

Я тут совсем не долго, давайте знакомиться!

Вот, если что, мой адрес:

_____°$$$$_______$°__°$______$°__°$_______$$$$$$_______ __

Katherine at Dragon*con

So I was going over to the D*Con website to verify that Jewel Staite (of Firefly fame) was going to be attending, and there was Katherine Kurtz's name, too! I actually started to cry for a second, I was so happy.

So if you can get to Atlanta for Labor Day weekend, that's where she'll be!
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to any and all costumers.......

I just found out that in their infinite wisdom JoAnn Fabrics has decided to remove all of their stores from the Northeast, due to lack of sales because of the suposed purchasing at Walmart of fabric and craft supplies. I Am Pissed!!!!!!!! I've done shoping at JoAnn Fabrics for most of my fabric for my costuming projects, because that's all I have for a place to get decent fabric supplies. I have a sucks for supplies. Target doesn't have fabric for sale.... AC Moore doesn't carry fabric...and neither does Michaels..... And Rag Shop ran with it's tail between it's legs when they found out that Michaels was moving into the same shopping complex as them. This really does piss me off... Because except on line, I have no place to get fabric.... and once JoAnn's closes, I will have no place to get my Viking Sewing Machine repaired as well.

I don't buy fabric on line....and the quality of fabric at Walmart is so limited, it's laughable.

So, the point of this post is this, maybe the costumers of the Northeast should make a Large Letter of protest about the fact that JoAnn fabrics has decided to shoot themselves in the foot by removing the only decent fabric store in the northeast from us.

Now I don't know how the rest of the costumers buy their stuff for their costumes, but still, it's wrong of them to deprive us of one of our few resources that is available to us.

Maybe we should pass this on to any one interested in costuming and make the point, we need JoAnn Fabrics.

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Deryni rituals


Silly question time...

Does anyone know what tradition Katherine Kurtz based her rituals on? I'm looking for specifics, like "Gardenarian", not just "Wicca" etc.

Thanks so much for your input!
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Proceeding cautiously here, I would like to ask if anyone has access to a resource stating Katherin's policy on fanfiction? The best I've been able to find states that she was advised simply... Well:

This occurrence has had two effects. It has brought fan fiction abruptly into a more serious arena, and it led directly to the refusal of authors to allow fan fiction. Anne MacCaffrey 20 and Katherine Kurtz 21 have both been advised by their agents never to read any fan fiction, nor even to look at the relevant fan groups on Usenet. This gives them the defence of never having seen the fan fiction, and so any similarities can be dealt with as cases of simultaneous copyright.

Which really amounts to don't ask, don't tell. Is there something either more current or specific I'm unaware of? Inspite of my defense of slash in general I really don't want to go blundering like a bull in a china shop with deryni_fic - the literal fiction OR the community.
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Hello, I'm new here, but not new to the Deryni world:)

I can be now a true member of this wonderful community, because I got my Codex II - and it's..!!!! Oh, you do understand.

Watching TV I found this picture, it remind me a lot of Kelson and his Queen, don't you think?

my icon

If you're interested in what it is

to mods - as soon I'm new tell me if that appropriate, thanks.
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* Card Catalog

Mostly OT, but still kind of cool...

I found an interesting community. This is adapted from their info page.

Do you ever have that eureka moment where you're reading a book and all of a sudden you think "If they ever made a movie out of this, So-and-so would be perfect for that character!"?

casting_novels is a place where you can talk about those ideas with other readers.

Check it out, and even if it's not your thing pass it on to anyone that you think might be interested.

cross-posted lots of places, feel free to re-post or delete as seems appropriate.
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I have officially lost track of how many times i've said.."WOW" and "God Damnit!" since 3:00 this afternoon...when i started reading my brand new copy of the Codex!!

The Swords of the Marluk does exist, right?

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My copy of the Codex Derynianus shipped today from Amazon! I'm so excited. I can't wait to finally be able to read through my own copy. This definately lessens the pain of losing out on the limited edition years ago, even though I had pre-ordered it. ;o)
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